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you are strong and awesome. stay positive even in dark times and you can conquer all :)


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1994-2004 → First and last lines for each character

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Every moment of this show was pure gold.

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"You’re gonna have to understand that you’re with a guy that’s never going to stop planning his future with you because he knows we’re gonna end up together.”

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Who said that only Chandler can be sarcastic?

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I’m trying to keep myself glued together
Trying to be strong, trying not to think

I don’t know what makes me strong. Is it the fact that I won’t let myself think about it. Or is not thinking about it a cowardly thing to do? So am I strong, or am I a coward.

Today is a difficult day. It won’t be the last one. But for today, I’m sad and that’s okay. It’s all I can do. It’s all I can keep doing. I have tunnel vision and I’m pushing through

That doesn’t make me strong or a coward, that’s me coping.

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Love is not a contract you hold someone’s heart by, love is sharing the ones you love with the world knowing that they’ll always come home to you in the end.
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